XVideos review



With over 1.5 billion users per month, the stats simply don't lie: XVideos is one of the biggest free porn tube sites online. Our XVideos review will look over how it compares to its competition. But rest assured, this porn tube site lives up to billing. 

XVideos Review - What's It All About?

If you're in the personal business of perving out at your laptop while your wife or girlfriend thinks you're "working," you've maybe visited XVideos. If you haven't, it might be time to add this free porn tube site to your arsenal of fapping worthy content. 

XVideos was founded in 2007 right around the time the Internet was figuring out that porn wasn't going away (yeah, there was this awkward time, but alas, that's over). In fact, around 2008, free porn tube sites like XVideos caused a massive porn explosion online and we've never looked back. By all standards, XVideos ranks behind (but not too far) Pornhub. That's a big deal considering Pornhub's massive, historical reach. 

From a design perspective, XVideos shares most of the positive attributes of its competitors. And that is, the site is easy to navigate and find the porn you seek. One of the cool navigation aspects which does seperate XVideos from it's larger competition is that it rather than having ad links in the top navigation, it displays relevant, popular tags. This makes finding your porn fun even easier.

XVideos covers all the major porno niches in both gay and straight verticals. As of the date of this XVideos review, they are closing in on nearly 10 million videos. Like most free porn tube sites, some of that is duplicates, but it remains an impressive feat. 

Another super cool interface feature can be found under the settings icon gear located in the top right corner. You can turn on or off video previews which can help your computer or smartphone's processing efforts, you can turn on/off viewed videos, and do all the same with your viewing history. People have various reasons for wanting to alter these activities and its a nice attribute to function.

XVideos features lots of porn studio content, such as BangBros, but its probably more popular for its vast amateur content library. 

Here's another cool aspect of XVideos, the ads aren't loaded in the player, rather on the sidebar. This is much less intrusive than say, Pornhub, who loads them within the player. That said, XVideos does have a preroll ad, you can skip it in roughly 5 seconds. 

Social Media

You can like or dislike videos and leave comments. All of this activity helps XVideos ultimately rank videos. This process connects users of the site to the site's algorithm which helps down crappy or spammy or misleading content. This means producers, whether big studios or amateurs, must up their quality game in order to get clicks.


I don't see any option to upgrade from free. You can sign up for a free account which enables more personalization.

Final Thoughts

Our XVideos review ranks this free porn tube site as one of the best experiences. There's tons of content, no upgrade offers outside of ads, and high-streaming quality.

  • Massive free porn tube library
  • Adjust settings for less tracking on what you view
  • Covers every relevant niche
  • High quality streaming experience (4K, HD, etc.)
  • Ads loaded outside of player (other than prerolls)
  • Mobile Support
  • There are bigger free porn tube libraries