Extreme Simulator review

Extreme Simulator

Extreme Simulator

There are porn games that make your heart skip a beat. And then there is Extreme Simulator, a porn game so intense your heart may feel like it is imploding. Seriously, make sure you have a healthy heart before you dive into one of the Internet's most extreme sex simulators.

Nearly ever fetish and kink are covered. You'll experience racy, heartstopping graphics that immerse you in a world of virtual sex like never before. If you've dreamed a fetish, you'll find it here. There's a decent amount of parody content as well for those looking to experience mainstream movie sexual scenarios. 

This is one of the most intense and overwhelming sex games online. The graphics are insane and work well on mobile devices. You'll feel like the experience is really happening (and that's the point). 

Make sure you drink water and eat a proper meal, it is easy to get lost in a sex simulator of this capacity.

  • Fast on mobile
  • Covers lots of intense BDSM fetishes
  • High-end graphics are intensely real
  • Mobile Support
  • May be too intense for some