BimBim review



BimBim is an adult cam site platform that's slick, simple, and features gorgeous cam girl models. The site doesn't try to be too much in terms of design, but its elegance matches its mission to provide high-class, sexy talent. And it's backed by a massive Cam corporation name, which more than fuels its success.

Additionally, as this BimBim review will show, the site is more than a cam site. It's also a social media-esq experience. Its unique. 

BimBim Review: Let's Talk About This Exciting Adult Cam Site

When you land on BimBim, the first thing you notice is a site that's simple and flatly designed to draw you into the cam girls. It's nearly borderless, which makes it supremely modern, and erotically enticing. There's red, which draws the eyes in. The point is, it appears like a thumbnail gallery and less like cams. You get the model's best angle, the high-class porn shoot video, not the rolling GIF experience most adult cam sites possess.

All my above eloquence is certainly relevant. Because it lends itself to a site that's main goal is to serve up fast-loading cam experiences. The design simplicity strips unnecessary drag on servers. BimBim loads super fast on your desktop or mobile. When it comes to cam sites, BimBim nails this aspect of the experience.

But there's another reason why BimBIm is a super-fast cam experience. It's under the AW Empire umbrella of sites that happens to include other behemoths such as Live Jasmin.

Because BimBim is backed by such a large cam presence, its success in all areas is elevated. For example, BimBim has no issue finding willing, sexy, and energetic models. Because, it can pay them. Because, they know Live Jasmin. The Rolodex and financials both run deep with BimBim, giving it more than an edge over any competition out there. In other words, BimBim had the luxury of not starting from scratch, so it grew quickly, efficiently, and dominated early.

BimBim Is More Social Media than Cams

We review BimBim as a cam site, because of its ties to the cam industry and because that's the nearest place it fits. But it's not entirely the truth. BimBim is more of a social media site. 

The models create content and you interact with them as you watch that content, it's not always live. If you are familiar with Instagram, that's more in line with BimBim's experience.

You click on a model and you will see buttons for Stories (that's pre-recorded content) or Live Stream (that's closer to your cam experience).

This adult social media aspect allows a distinctly more intimate experience than you get on ordinary cams. Because BimBim emulates real-world, mainstream social media, you almost feel as though you're sliding into a model's Instagram DMs, only this time making headway. 

The Models Are Super Hot

The BimBim experience is built around one big pillar - the sexy models. They aren't always "cute," they are simply gorgeous. These are girls you'd see at a Gala in Manhattan. Sorry, that's the best way I could find to describe them. I'd say the only major knock against BimBim in this capacity is that the girls may be too hot. If you dig amateur hotties, BimBim may not be your thing. 

BimBim is an awesome idea in general, particularly with it's social media aspect. The models are other stratosphere hot. And the template is fast loading and simple. But it's not a traditional cam site, so beware. That said, pop on BimBim and click a model's profile and see how you feel about the experience. Maybe it's your thing?

  • Super high-class sexy models
  • Fast streams
  • Social media aspect allows a more intimate experience
  • Elegant, fast-loading layout
  • Mobile Support
  • Not really a full-on cam site
  • Models may be too hot (not kidding)