AEBN VOD review



AEBN is one of the top porn VOD sites online today. You probably already know this. The site is rich with adult VOD streaming opportunities and is a trusted, well-known brand.

This site is awesome, but don't be discouraged from getting super hype and reading our AEBN review. Nothing wrong with lubing the gear before smashing that  pedal.

AEBN VOD Review: What's It All About?

There are few porn VOD names as big as AEBN. And while we are always fans of the smaller up and coming porn site experiences, its difficult to deny AEBN's ability to offer a massive library of porn scenes for a competitive price. Additionally, the site's huge profit margins mean it dedicates robust server technology to ensure the streaming experience is without a hitch.

AEBN offers nearly 100,000 full-length DVDs. Not just clips, but the whole damn movie. You'll find any category you are looking for. AEBN is divided between gay and straight, a decision you make right when you pop on the site. From there, it's a fetish and kink party. Search and choose what you are into. Let that freak flag fly, its all good in this hood.

Videos are optimized in Flash. You can choose your quality option via the player's controls. This helps people who may run with older processors that need to choose lower size formats. We are looking at bitrates between 6000 and 8000. If you have to choose lower quality options, fear not, those really do look pretty good all things considered.

Streaming selections allow for 48 hours from time of start. So basically, once you start a stream, you have 48 hours to watch it. So long as you don't start it, you have as long as you like.

You can easily search AEBN by model, studio, or kink. There is also tagging. And many models bios which include descriptions of scenes. Its information overload that helps act as the base of an efficient, sophisticated search mechanism.


AEBN sells credits for minute packages. Overall, AEBN prices are pretty good, particularly when compared against a competitor such as GameLink, who's prices are nearly exactly the same.

$3.95 - 15 minutes

$5.95 - 30 minutes

$11.95 - 100 minutes

$29.95 - 300 minutes

$84.95 - 1000 minutes

Final Thoughts

AEBN is a huge brand name. Its trusted brand means customer service is a solid experience. Prices are competetive and its unlikely you'll have trouble finding titles you desire. The flash player is a solid experience that allows you to choose streaming quality and jump to specific points in scenes.
  • Trusted brand
  • Awesome customer service
  • Sophisticated Flash player allows jump to scenes, quality choice
  • Any title, niche, or model you can imagine
  • Mobile Support
  • Can't download