Chaturbate review



Chaturbate is one of the most popular cam sites on the web. It's known for it's fun, vibrant girls who aim to please their viewers. Chaturbate attracts cam models of all types, including a diversity of ethnicities, body types, and personalities.

In the live cams niche, Chaturbate is a dominant presence that's reputation cultivates incredibly sexy girls.

Chaturbate Review: What's It About?

Chaturbate is a live cam site that's main attraction is it's free model. Let's be honest, nothing in the live cam world is entirely free, but Chaturbate gets darn close to living up to the pitch. There are options to buy credits which enhance the experience, but overall, you can watch the streams for free.

Of course, there's a lot in a name. Chaturbate's main play is masturbation and the sexy models are more than willing to appease viewers.

Without paying, you can visit live streams, however, you should have an account. While you don't have to have an account, some girls might boot you from their chat rooms if you are rolling anonymous. The main reason for this is because if you don't have an account, you'll never be able to tip her. Girls on Chaturbate hope for tips. While tipping isn't required to watch the live cam funds, if you don't have an account, Chaturbate models know they have no chance at a tip from you. So, goodbye.

Tipping is a big influencer of Chaturbate's fun. A lot of girls will wait until they get a certain amount of tips achieved before they get super naughty. This is there way of coercing all the pervs  (like you and I) into chipping in. When you are dealing with the massive amounts of viewers Chaturbate models attract, small tips add up to substantial pay. And the more they get paid, the more they do.

But not to worry, you can remain a free loader. Maybe not in good conscious, but you can do so!

If you plan to freeload, understand a few items up front.

Don't start making requests of the model. Don't start arguments with other watchers who tipped. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

There are private chat rooms for those willing to pay for such. Buying credits also gives you access to messengers and improved camera angles.

Chaturbate has a constant influx of new, sexy model talent. Because Chaturbate's brand is enormous, girls flock to sign up and join in on the fun. And that's good for all of us.

Chaturbate Credit Costs

  1. $10.99 = 100 tokens
  2. $20.99 = 200 tokens
  3. $44.99 = 500 tokens
  4. $62.99 = 750 tokens
  5. $79.99 = 1000 tokens

None of these pricing models are recurring, so don't worry about getting unexpected charges on your card. You pay for what you want at the moment and nothing more.

Final Thoughts

Chaturbate is an awesome live cams experience. It's brand popularity attracts some of the hottest live cam models in the game. It's live cam platform is mostly free, you can choose to enhance your experience through buying tokens or by way of tipping. But you don't have to. In terms of free live cams, Chaturbate is one of the top providers. You can't go wrong.

  • Free live cams
  • Wildly popular brand attracts top models
  • High-quality streaming experiences
  • Credit payments don't recur
  • Mobile Support
  • Pay for private rooms, but that's normal