Adult Empire review

Adult Empire

Adult Empire

Adult Empire is a massive library of porn on-demand DVDs. As a VOD provider, you can find 1000's of 4K and HD quality porn flicks, all on-demand.

But hey, what's with the pompous name? Is it really an empire?

We like it.

Adult Empire: What's It All About?

The Adult Empire features a massive library of porn video scenes that are optimized at varying rates. However, while a lot of SD versions exist, expect a high amount of 4K videos. We are talking about over 100,000 videos on the site and still growing. That's almost mind-numbing even to the most ferocious porn video connoisseur. It amounts to endless hours of porn watching potential of your favorite titles, both new and classic.

Adult Empire also releases new videos daily, and more than just a handful. This makes it nearly impossible to get bored.

Let's be honest, a site built on porn videos, many of which originally found in VHS mode, will have a lot of SD (standard definition) going on. That's par for the course and an expectation, even desire, by many Adult Empire fans. But if you like the high-octane, 4k stuff, not to worry, they do a good job curating those titles just as well. You can restrict your search to feature only the higher-quality porn video content if you so desire. You will find just under a 1000 super high-quality 4k movies.

I get it, some Adult Empire reviews see this as a negative. But let's take a breath. First off, a 1000 4k porn movies is a ton. Second, I mean, what do you expect in the porno flick market that's essentially now competing with amateur couples and their 4k phones. Those folks aren't releasing DVD titles. So there are less DVD producers, that's not the fault of Adult Empire.

And moreover, 1000 titles of 4K is a ton. How much time to you really have?

And... most fans of porn VOD love the older titles.

It all works out, really.


Adult Empire has a couple of ways of paying for videos and scenes. The most popular version is VOD, or per minute increments. That's priced below. The other way is an unlimited membership. Membership prices are usually attached to a trial which currently stands at $2.99. Monthly is $24.99, 3-month is $49.98, a year is $149.94.

$3.99 per minute for 15 minutes

$6.99 per minute for 30 minutes

$9.99 per minute for 60 minutes

$16.99 per minute for 120 minutes

$38.99 per minute for 240 minutes

Final Thoughts

Adult Empire is a mega-porn VOD website with over 100k titles. The site offers a good grip of 4k installations, roughly 1000. Fast streaming quality and decent prices round off things. Obviously, prices can add up if you consume a lot of porn. Adult Empire is a trusted brand with good customer service.

  • 1000s of porn VOD titles, scenes
  • A vast amount of 4k porn
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast streaming servers
  • Mobile Support
  • Prices can add up