xHamster review



xHamster is one of the most popular free porn tube sites online. Its vast, niche friendly porn video content library impresses most porn fans. But as our xHamster review will show, its not the most popular for some decent reasons.

xHamster Review - What's It All About?

xHamster is technically the 3rd most popular free porn tube site. It remains a distant 3rd behind Pornhub. xHamster has all the main infrastructure, including look and feel and diverse content that you'd find on Pornhub. Its massive porn video library is impressive when considered alone. It's streaming quality doesn't fail you.

In terms of its content library, its not uncommon to find Pornhub branded videos on the site. In some ways, that probably isn't as big of a knock against xHamster as it sounds. That's because most consumers simply won't care. From a technical review standpoint, it gives credence and validation to a porn reviewers assesment that xHamster remains in Pornhub's wake. But we know this so no reason to get stuck on it.

xHamster's navigation and interface are clean and to the point. You're there for free porn. They provide you some popular content right on the index page, but searching is a fast and effective way to find more precisely what you are looking for. Like most free porn tube sites, you can filter your search by dates released, newest, or by types of content you desire. If you're in the mood for blowjobs, its a search click away.

Some people complain about the xHamster logo pasted on videos. I've not seen this, so maybe they removed it. That said, I have seen "this video was uploaded to xHamster" verbiage scroll across the top of the player maybe every few minutes. I don't find it distracting, honestly. I assume they have their reasons for this.

All videos have an ad at the bottom of the player, but I don't notice the ad at all. The xHamster player is fast and offers brilliant 4K quality in cases where 4K is available by the content uploader. 

Social Media Influence

You can comment or rate videos. This helps propel certain videos to the top of search rankings or feature listings while downing garbage videos whereas headline baiting may exist. This is not groundbreaking stuff, most legit free porn tube sites work this way.


A premium membership will cost you $9.99 per month unless you pay for longer term. The benefits are downloading content, some exclusive videos, ad free surfing. It makes more sense to just use the free porn tube model, but to each their own.

Final Thoughts

xHamster is a large, vast library of free porn videos. It covers most every fetish and niche. The site's ads are a tad more aggressive than it's competitor, Pornhub, but overall, the experience is pretty good and comparable. 

  • Massive porn video library
  • Free porn tube experience
  • Good streaming quality
  • Tons of niches, fetishes
  • Mobile Support
  • Lots of Pornhub branded videos
  • Ads are decently aggressive