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GameLink VOD

GameLink VOD

In the porn VOD world, GameLink is one of the uncontested top-ranking porn VOD sites you'll find. At least, we think so, and we're pretty much experts. Sure, the name of the site is a bit off-topic, but rest assured, GameLink VOD is a massive porno library that will occupy your inner-perv for weeks and months.

So what's our GameLink review say?

GameLink Review: What's It All About?

When you talk about a GameLink review, it's impossible not to begin by discussing their robust, large online porn video library. There are 100,000's of videos available for streaming. Do you know how to use a mouse? You'll be in heaven.

GameLink features almost any porn niche you can think of and then some.

GameLink has just under 15,000 HD videos. For some people, that doesn't seem like a lot. But I assure you, it is. And there are other things to consider in such a point.

Many VOD sites claim their HD video library breaches numbers much, much higher. But in reality, how is that? Porn videos have been shot more in SD than HD given history. And a lot of super new porns don't just give out their licensing rights.

Some porn VOD sites exaggerate the amount of HD they have because a lot of consumers simply don't verify. GameLink seems to be taking the honest approach. And really, do you understand how long it would take to watch 10,000 HD pornos? Let's just say a long time. And no, I'm not super proud to know this.

In GameLink, any HD movies you find are formatted as MP4 (h.264) at 1920x1080. Yes, that's legit HD playing from a flash player.

GameLink's streaming flash player allows you to jump to any part of the scene you so choose. It's large, hence it support for sharp HD porn experiences.


GameLink sells consumers credits. Expect the following pricing:

$2.95 - 10 minutes

$5.95 - 30 minutes

$8.95 - 60 minutes

$14.95 - 120 minutes

$19.95 - 200 minutes

$29.95 - 300 minutes

$49.95 - 500 minutes

$89.95 - 1000 minutes

$249.95 - 3000 minutes

Final Thoughts

GameLink is one of the largest, most popular porn VOD sites online. And its quality and VOD experience lives up to its billing. While GameLink's marketing pitch regarding their number of HD flicks may seem low, its more that other porn VOD sites take liberties with their claims.

GameLink is a trusted brand with excellent customer service.

  • Trusted brand
  • Large, powerful flash player with all bells and whistles
  • Excellent customer service
  • Solid HD porn movie library
  • Mobile Support
  • Some movies make you buy entire thing, rather than micro-scenes