Beeg review



Alas, the free porn tube site with the funny name and oddly scaled-down template. You've seen Beeg before, you maybe just weren't sure what the name means or why things were so damn simple. Let's dive into this Beeg review and see if we can hash some of this stuff out. 

Beeg Review - What's It All About?

Some might say blowjobs. According to some Beeg reviewers, Beeg is slang for "blowjob." But if you look at Beeg, at least at first site, its obvious its free porn library is more provocative than just showcasing some blowjobs. Don't get me wrong, I love the blowjob stuff, but Beeg is by far more than just that. 

At first site, two things become glaringly obvious. There's no real logo. I mean, there's a black dot, which technically is a logo, but nothing more. The template is uber simple. Like, crazy simple. And even after clicking on a porn video, everything remains scaled down. 

So let's approach this from the obvious to begin. The scaled down, minimalist porn tube design helps increase streaming speed and quality. The fact is, you don't wait for big logos, heavy navigation, or intrusive ads to load. You get a smaller ad inside the player, particularly when you pause, but nothing heavy. This helps your browser more efficiently load up your porn. The thumbnails are flat and borderless. Believe it or not, borders are often a part of CSS which tends to drag down loading times.

All of this minimalist philosophy most definitely helps the site run smoothly. Like, when you click a video, shit loads. When you refresh the index page, all the thumbs load in an instant. And this happens across any maching, your pretty Mac included. This also helps the mobile porn tube experience. 

When you click a porn video, scroll down below it and watch how fast the recommended and related thumbs load. Its insane. 

And there's more. 

The site using paging to help make sure a single porn thumb page doesn't get overwhelmed.

Due to all of this, Beeg is one of the fastest loading porn tube sites I've ever surfed. 

The minimalist, server optimal design does mean you don't have tags and categories all over the place. This, for some, can take away from the experience of finding new hot porn content. But the fun in Beeg finds itself more in allowing endless porn thumbnails to load. In other words, the hot porn finds you. You will often find porn you never knew you cared for. 

You can click on a tags section if that's your thing, its just not a featured navigation method. There is also a "people" section which allows you to discover major and popular porn stars. 

Beeg tends to focus a bit less on the amateur market and more for high-quality porn, which tends to come from studios who use stabilizers. Look, your iPhone has stabilization, but it has its limits. If you dig the amateur wife giving a blowjob while her husband's hand is erratic because he's about to cum, Beeg may not work well for your purposes. That's more something you find on xVideos

Beeg Player - Insanely Fast

So this is another cool aspect of the Beeg porn tube experience. The player.

If you click a video, you'll see lots of other related videos underneath of that video.That's pretty normal. You can click on any of those videos and the player simply replaces with that video. In other words, the entire page does not refresh. The related videos remain the same.

This does a couple of awesome things.

For one, it means super fast loading. Like, very impressive.

The other awesome part in this is that you never lose a related video. Ever watch a video on Pornhub and then see two related videos you want to see. When you click one of them, the entire page refreshes, so you can't find the other one again. This doesn't happen on Beeg because the player doesn't refresh the entire page.

Final Thoughts

While not one of the biggest free porn tubes, Beeg's lightening fast player and page loading creates an amazing porno viewing experience. It's just hard to describe how fast this site is, its something I recommend you experience. Not a ton of amateur focus, but the studio production stuff, often in impressive 4K, is incredible. 

  • Minimalist design means super fast page and video loading
  • Easy to discover new porno
  • Video player is insanely fast
  • Mobile Support
  • Ads
  • Not a ton of amateur