Feet Stimulation review

Feet Stimulation

Feet Stimulation

Sexy foot fetishes are all the rage these days. With numerous online portals offering up foot fetish and kink content, it should come as no surprise that the porn game market is now getting into the fun. And that's great for all you foot fetish freaks (sorry, I love you all).

Feet Stimulation is a porn game dedicated to a vast amount of sexy foot fetishes. Experience foot sex from witches and hot secretaries and more. If you've got a foot fetish, Feet Stimulation likely has you covered. 

While freaky foot fetish porn is fun to watch, its even more exciting and sexy to play on a porn game. These mindblowing graphics will keep you immersed in world ripe with sexy foot fetish fun. You'll probably gain a handful of new foot fetish fantasies (which is the point). 

Have fun, but keep in mind, it's an addicting play.

  • Extreme foot fetish fun
  • Caters to nearly all foot kinks
  • Potent graphics, toons
  • Intense audio
  • Mobile ready
  • Mobile Support
  • Only foot fetishes