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Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin

Live Jasmin is one of the most popular live cam girl websites. With popularity, however, comes an increase in what you'll pay. That said, Live Jasmin is home to a slew of sexy girls who work hard to compete with one another for your eyeballs.

Live Jasmin Review: What's It All About?

Live Jasmin leverages its longstanding reputation for top-notch webcam girl relations to continue to build it's empire. The site attracts loads of sexy girls looking for an opportunity to bank on the site. Being one of the most recognizeable brands in the live cam girls game certainly has its perks for us, the consumers, who want to perv out to hot girls.

Like most of the best adult cam sites, Live Jasmine features 1,000s of ready and willing cam girls. You’ll find almost every niche covered. From amateur’s working in their bedrooms to porn stars, you’ll hardly find yourself coming up empty on a cam girl’s need. 

Most of the girls are super active because they understand that they have eyes all over them. But Live Jasmine does a good job of making sure that all the cam girls isolate guys. In other words, when you pop on to chat, she’ll take notice. 

With Live Jasmine, variety is the spice of life. Their cam girl categories are nearly endless, and they include how cam girls price, as well as some pretty serious fetishes. 


You’ll average around $2 per minute, unless you have taste for only top end porn stars. There is an option for pre-recorded videos that you can watch for $1.50, but sometimes a bit more. Price always depends on the cam girl. 

You will need to buy credits. This makes sense considering it would be a pain to micro-buy credits with every move you make. 

Live Jasmin Cam Interface Review 

Expect a similar super easy interface as consistent with the other popular cam girl sites. The flat layout focuses solely on the cam girls, plus some contests are peppered in. 

The big difference is the massive category options that you’ll find on the left vertical skyscraper. It’s a lot to take in and can certainly help you find exactly the type of cam girl experience you are seeking. 

The downside to lots of options is that it becomes a Cheesecake Factory menu. It’s exciting as hell when you open it, but often you find yourself overthinking the variety. Everything sounds good! 

Credit packages begin at $45.99 for 27.99 credits. 

Final Thoughts

Live Jasmin is a top live cam girl destination for both consumers and girls. The site offers tons of diversity and quality in nearly all niches. But you'll pay a bit more for the experience here than on competitors sites. But you are nearly guaranteed a great time. 

  • Simple to navigate
  • Massive library of active models
  • Efficient adult chat functionality
  • Good customer service
  • High-quality, fast video streaming
  • Mobile Support
  • Can be pricey