Fapanizer review



Fapanizer bills itself as the web's most "intense porn game." While we often find that porn games tend to overmarket themselves via hyperbole, in the case of Fapanizer, they may just be close to the mark with their verbiage.

Fapanizer is an intense sex simulation porn game that offers a wealth of collossally good cartoon graphics. At times, the graphics are so intense they may overwhelm the senses. Its an addictive style porn game, so for those who struggle with any sort of porn game addition, beware. 

While the graphics are heavy, the mobile side of Fapanizer holds up pretty strong under our testing environment. You'll definitely get your rocks off playing Fapanizer. Just make sure you keep yourself in check and don't end up too addictive. These second-life style porn games certainly can immerse you. 

  • Sweltering hot graphics
  • Fast download speeds
  • Responsive virtual environment
  • Works excellent on mobile
  • Intense sexual fetishes
  • Mobile Support
  • Possibly addictive