Streamate review



If you are a connoisseur of smoking hot webcam girls, then you probably have heard of Streamate. Streamate is one of the oldest live sex cam providers in the industry. Its a trusted brand that's reputation attracts both sexy models and paying customers. The Streamate experience can be free, but mostly you'll need to shell out some cash.

Streamate Review: What's It All About?

Without question, of all the adult cam sites online, Streamate continues to host the most cam girls. Some of this is due to Streamate’s reputation for competitive cam girl pay, and other times this is due to its extreme popularity (fair or unfair). 

You will find virtually any cam girl you can imagine in your head on Streamate. It’s popularity means that most every porn star at least has an account. 

There are few to no limitations on the niche cam girls you’ll discover on Streamate. It’s cam girl library is ripe with options that go far beyond your porn star dreams. The amateur cam girl diversity is stunning. 

Because Streamate has a vast amount of users, cam girl options always continue to evolve. In other words, their cam girl library grows daily.

Streamate’s cam girl interface is simple to use. Like most of the popular cam girl sites, you see a variety of cam girls on your screen populating from a niche you choose. In many browsers, one girl’s cam will stream live while the others don’t. This is likely set up to save your browser from dreaded memory deficits. 

You can have a look at Streamate’s cam girl interface below. 

While Streamate is a big cam girl site, it ends to keep it interfaces relatively simple to use. This saves your computer from freezing up and helps ensure you find the cam girl experience you are looking for in short order. 


$1.99 to $9.99 per minute. The amateur girls who are new to the game are positioned at the lower cost end spectrum while popular porn stars occupy that higher, latter cost.

You can chat for free as a guest. 

You can buy pictures from cam girls with a daily charge of $2.99 to nearly $15 per day. 

Final Thoughts

Streamate is one of the top cam sites, but you will need to pay to play, at least beyond the free quest chat. If you don’t mind paying, you’ll enjoy your time. 

  • Solid customer service
  • Top-quality repuation attracts sexy, playful models
  • Fast streaming technology
  • Simple to use interface
  • Mobile Support
  • Probably need to pay to get the best experience.