Jerk Dolls Scam review

Jerk Dolls Scam

Jerk Dolls Scam

The Jerk Dolls scam isn't always a super obvious thing. This is why a lot of consumers unwittingly become victims. Let's have a look at where things go wrong with this porn site. 

Jerk Dolls Scam: So What's Happening Here?

Jerk Dolls bills itself as the "#1 x-rated online porn game of 2021." 

You'll see instances of "award winning" in the main landing page's sales copy. 

But let's be honest, aside from porn review sites, there isn't a Foreign Press presence nominating porn games for anything. That's not to say there are no porn awards, it's to say that Jerk Dolls is a pretender luring folks into its trap. 

The fancy bright pink lander assumes that this game is a unique, custom-built porn game experience. But when you click "play now," you aren't playing anything. You instead are prompted to fill out personal information which takes you down a path to sign up for a paysite. 

Jerk Dolls is, at best, a fancy landing page that leads to an affiliate program for a porn game. It's not itself, a porn game. 

The Jerk Dolls scam, at its core, is a misleading website that implies you will play their porn game. When in reality, you need to shell out cash to play games under another program. Maybe this is OK for your needs, but it seems silly when you can play free porn games here. In fact, there are lots of destinations for free porn games, Jerk Dolls is hardly a decent choice.