Gelbooru review



Gelbooru is a hentai porn destination image board. At the end of the day, Gelbooru allows weirdos like us to search for any and all hentai and anime sex content. And there's a lot of pretty twisted hentai porno littering the dark crevices of the Internet - Gelbooru connects you to that porn in a private manner. 

Gelbooru Review: Um, What Is This Site?

As you can see from the screencap, or if you took the time to already creepy click the Gelbooru link, then you are probably asking what the hell this site is? 

The index of the site doesn't help itself in the way of marketing or mission statement messaging. I'm assuming Gelbooru doesn't work with a major New York City ad agency. Nah, they just connect you right to hentai porn in a seamless, fast way. They don't do pesky details.

The index displays a big search box just like you find on You can also quickly access the Gelbooru hentai porn forum to get your rocks off, or to get messages regarding the site's functionality. If you run adblocking software, you'll get called out pretty quickly by the site's messaging. They make cash on ads, so yeah, they don't want you freeloading.

Let's break down what's happening here.

When content is uploaded to Gelbooru, it's tagged. 

When you want to find content, you search for it. Content that is tagged in relation to your search shows up. Yeah, this is a hentai porno search engine. Fantastic, who's not happy? Maybe the adblocker folks, but otherwise, seems pretty rockstarish. 

Gelbooru isn't some startup website, nope, it's extremely popular on the web amongst us twisted and dark webbers. The site is home to a ton of fetish, even extreme, hentai and anime sex content. If you want furry porn creatures fucking lobster tails, welcome to Gelbooru, it's probably there. 

Lot's of Aggressive Ads

We mentioned Gelbooru's ad blocker shaming earlier. Well, its for good reason, they load you up on ads. And the creeper level of these ads is like 11 on a 1-10 scale. The shit is nuclear freaky. I guess the people who click on an ad have some rather extreme taste in content. I'm a weirdo myself, but I'm distancing myself from the egregious absurdity as you find on Gelbooru's advertisements.

The ads will match the content you search, but level that shit up. Whatever works and as long as everyone is happy, its all good, I suppose. 

Massive Amounts of Hentai, Anime, Furry Porno Content

There's no way any normal human could conquer all of Gelbooru's content even over an adult lifetime. Its endless, mindnumbingly robust, and scales the earth like five times. I'm not sure about that last part, it was my attempt at being dramatic to drive home my point. 

Users support Gelbooru, they upload anything and everything they create in the hentai porn world. That, combined with Gelbooru's popularity, has led to millions of pieces of hentai porn content. Sure, it's not all great, how could it be? But a lot of it is. I mean, its a subjective experience so you might like another user's trash. 

Now, the Gelbooru tagging system is programmed unique when compared against a normal search engine. Gelbooru doesn't always allow overly simple search terms. It wants concise search. So if you search a simple term, like "hardcore," you want get much in the results. But the system will suggest better, more concise search strings, prior to you searching. The reason for this is that Gelbooru wants people to find exactly what they are looking for. The site isn't really built for discovery. For example, Hentai Porn updates daily. You see the newest porn games each day. So you can discover new content. That's not how Gelbooru works, it wants you searching exact terms. 

Not everyone appreciates this aspect of the site, but I get it. 

Not For Everyone

Gelbooru isn't an experience everyone seeks. The unique search experience turns some off. But the site is one of the most loaded hentai porn content experiences online. The site's creators desire a more precise search experiences over a "shit at the wall" type setup. You just have to know what you like and enjoy and decide if Gelbooru is right for you.

  • Over 4 million hentai porn pieces
  • Super twisted stuff for those deviants
  • Site speed always seems to be on point
  • Search mechanism is on point
  • Mobile Support
  • Very simpleton experiences
  • Not everyone loves the search function